Circle Up

Let me add one thought to a cell church’s quest to equip future leaders.  Don’t underestimate the power of the “circle.”  Let me explain.  Inevitably, the vast majority of cell churches have a linear approach to the training of cell leaders.  Typically, it looks like:  Potential cell leader completes course of sudy “1,” he/she now is enrolled in course of study “2,” and when he/she finishes course of study “2,” off to course of study “3.”  Now, these studies may be brilliantly written, passionately delivered, and intellectually stimulating.  But, this linear approach needs to be challenged.  To me, life looks more like a circle than a step by step “line.”

Simply put, while we desire to equip others for cell ministry, life is happening!  When you provide to your (potential) leaders a circular training experience, then you are joining them in their real life journey.  You are coming alongside them in a practical, reasonable and workable manner.  You are acknowledging that they have a life that may not always mesh with the calendar of the church.

Some questions to consider:  Is there pliability and flexibility in your approach to equip others?  Is the senior pastor doing all the equipping or are others able to equip?  What about group size?  Can your equipping be done with 3 or 30 people?  Can your equipping be delivered in a living room, sitting around a cafe table, or in a worship center?  Can a cell leader train others? 

I trust the point of these questions is clear:  Diversify how you equip your (potential) leaders.  Everyone does not have to be equipped the same way for all time.

In summation, if your training experience is linear (lacking fluidity and flexibility), then maybe it’s time to circle up.

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