Remember the Goal


by Steve Cordle


There are many ministries to attend to in a healthy cell-based ministry: the equipping track, coaching leaders, writing material, outreach, etc. It can be easy to get unbalanced or preoccupied with minor issues unless we keep our goal in mind: a reproducing disciple.

What do you want a disciple to look like? How would you describe the fully-devoted follower? Once you have that answer, you can coordinate your minsitry to acheive that. If we forget this or if we are fuzzy in our description of the disicple, our ministry activity will become busier but less fruitful.

The cell leader who knows what he/she wants the disciples to look like can constantly evaulate what the activities of the cell against that picture, like a chef tasting the broth and deciding if more ingredients are needed. For example, the cell leader who wants the disicples to evangelize might recognize an inward attitude and take steps to refocus it. THe pastor who wants the members to be prayer-oriented will make sure that is being modeled in the cell, taught in the equipping track, and lifted up in the sermons.

How do you know when you havec a mature disciple? What marks tell you that?

What does your cell ministry do to help produce that?

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