Lessons from a church planting movement


by Steve Cordle


In areas of Africa and China, there are church planting movements which are rapidly spreading the Gospel and multiplying churches (generally house churches). A missionary from southern Africa recently said that the method used to spark a chain reaction of church plants was simple: train the trainers.

That is, the focus is not to plant a church. It is not even to train a leader to plant a church. It is to train those who train leaders. This is the leverage point.

How does that translate to your church’s cell ministry? If the group leader is the “planter”, and the coach is the trainer, then the idea is to train coaches. They will, in turn, train the leaders.

“What if I don’t need coaches because I don’t have enough leaders right now?”

Good question. I think the missionary would says “Do it anyway”. Set the foundation to allow a rapid expansion of groups.



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