Temptation to Lower the Goals

jeffRemember the story of the little boy with his bow and arrows who would shoot at the fence and then run over and draw a target around his arrow? GOALSHe hit his goal every time!

Goal setting for Cell multiplication must be a regular practice along with having a process in place for measuring the progress desired. Adjustments can be made as needed, but there will come a temptation to lower the goals to meet current performance. This is where your faith must play an important part in resisting this temptation toward mediocrity.

Keeping your eyes on Jesus and His sacrifice for the lives of men, women and children must continue to guide the goals. Training leaders to have hearts of compassion, coupled with action for reaching the lost is paramount; “For the Son of man came to seek and to save what was lost.” Luke 19:10. Faith to reach the goals set must be fueled by prayer and the belief that Jesus will move us along toward the completion of what He has inspired us to accomplish for the Father.

Goals birthed by prayer will reflect His motivation to reach more and more of our communities. This combined with a simple appraisal of the number of existing leaders in place who have the promise of multiplying themselves within the specified time period can provide a realistic goal. We must then protect ourselves from reducing the goals arbitrarily due to a seeming lack of ability to reach them. Faith and praying together with the existing leaders can win the day and keep us on course to discover new multiplication leaders who will in turn win souls in their circles of influence and consequently begin new cells full of new believers.

Have you ever reduced your goals just so you could meet them? Have you experienced this temptation to lower your goals after setting them? What realizations have you come to after making these adjustments?

Jeff Tunnell


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