Enjoying the Journey

jeffJeff Tunnell – Filling in for Rob Campbell (which is difficult to do!)

“Thank you, thank you, and thank you!”

Rob sure got us talking this week. JCG appreciates your comments! If you haven’t read all the comments posted to last week’s questions posed by Rob Campbell, they would be worth your time; they present another Blog in themselves.

Certainly, I am hearing that we are on a definite journey in the Cell church movement. Explorers and learners are we, with specific desires to see Jesus lifted up, draw men to Himself, and establish His kingdom within us and throughout the earth. Luke 17:20-21. Our discoveries of Cell church occurred in similar ways and during the time when the Holy Spirit was breaking the revelation upon the church around the world. Since then we have been probing and practicing, growing in confidence and in our understanding of the basic principles occurring in the early church.

Practicing those principles excites and motivates us, because they work! When they don’t produce the expected results, we consult with the Head of the church, and with one another, to see if we have applied incorrectly. Adjustments are made and we make another run at it. We refuse to surrender to mediocrity because we understand the advantages and strengths of walking in obedience to the heavenly vision given by the Holy Spirit.

We gather here, benefiting from the guidance and wisdom of great leaders in the movement, who are kind enough to spend themselves for our continued advancement. And in the sharing of comments, we benefit further. So, thank you, thank you, and thank you! Your participation keeps us sharp, focused, specific, and current in our goal to resource the world-wide cell church.




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