French Thoughts

by Rob Campbell


First, thanks to Jeff Tunnell for filling in for me the last two weeks.  I was visiting a few cell churches in Skopje, Macedonia and Thessaloniki, Greece.  I was very encouraged by what God is doing in and through these churches.  If you are interested in a good contact in that region of the world, then please let me know.

Next, if you didn’t read Joel’s post yesterday, then please check it out.  This blog will make more sense.

Hats off to Jeff French and Resurgent Church (Neunan, Georgia) whom Joel highlighted yesterday in his post.  Jeff is taking the gospel to the streets, outside of the box, and employing superior creativity keeping his pilot cell connected outside of the gathering.

Here’s the point of this post:  What’s working for you?  By this question I mean– How are you and your cell/church getting outside the walls of the church and building relationships with not-yet believers?  Further, what one “tweak” or innovation has worked well in the context of keeping the cell members connected throughout the week?  In essence, post a quick comment that might benefit others.  You see, Jeff French’s ingenuity encourages me.  Now, why don’t you take a moment to encourage others?

My hunch is that if some of you shared briefly then others would benefit from your creativity and experience; thus, benefiting the cell church around the world. 


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