Energizing cells


by Steve Cordle

 As Joel said in a post earlier this week, many can criticize, but fewer offer solutions.

I happened upon a blog in which the author (Brian Jones) was asked, if you think small groups are as effecftive as they should be in the U.S., what would you do instead?

His answer was thought-provoking: he said he’d pull together some of the most spiritually responsive people in his church and regualrly take them out with him evangelizing, feeding the poor, as well as spend time praying and doing Bible memorization of lkey passages.

Now, I’m not pushing a Brian’s strategy here; you might define the actions of a disciple differently than he does. I am asking this question: when a cell groups lose energy, numerical growth, and transformational power, could the reason be that there is not enough focus on the actions of disciple making – on teaching people “to obey” (Matt. 28:20)?

Groups don’t make disciples, people do. Specifically, people who are living out discipleship and inviting others to join them. People generally don’t become closer followers of Jesus just by sitting in a living room talking – they need to be in action with others.

Are your group members memorizing and obeying key Bible passages? Are they regularly talking to others about their faith? Have they served the poor this month? [some disciple activities] If so, I suspect you have a growing, life-giving group.

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