joelSometimes nothing works in my own LIFE group. You know what I’m talking about. The flow isn’t there; I’m out of touch; children act, well, like communitychildren. How wonderful when the Holy Spirit shows up and creates a sense of community that transcends human understanding.

We had one of those LIFE group meetings last week. Everyone showed up on time. The ice-breaker opened us up (what do you like best about the summer?) My 13-year old daughter did an awesome job of leading worship on guitar. She even guided us to wait on the Lord between songs. The little kids behaved very well during the ice-breaker and worship. They were a blessing and not a distraction. Or was it my own attitude?

The children then left for their own LIFE group in the adjoining room. We then applied Acts 12 about Peter’s miraculous escape from prison. The questions flowed well between observation and application (download the lesson here). We learned about what happened back in Peter’s day, but we also shared deeply about our own miraculous answers to prayer. My wife, Celyce, shared about the miracle of her dad’s salvation at the age of 80–just six months ago.

We were about to enter the Witness time when Celyce received a phone call from her sister, Belinda. Belinda relayed the news that their dad had died two hours earlier. We gathered around Celyce to pray for her as she wept. We comforted her in a sensitive, Spirit-led way, all the time rejoicing inwardly that Leo is now in heaven and free from pain.

Celyce needed the entire LIFE group community at that moment. The Spirit brought comfort through the members in a deep way. Community through cell ministry is powerful! We experienced Christ’s presence in a special way. 

Do you have a similar story. Please feel free to share it. .


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