Ministry Endurance


by Steve Cordle


Recently I was talking with a guy in our church who has been a group leader for over 17 years. He has multiplied many groups, dissolved some groups, and influenced a bunch of people toward Jesus. I was impressed with his longevity, and I wondered, “What is it that helped him persist and not give up?”

Ministry is not easy – for pastors or for cell leaders. It can be tempting to give up. A few traits of those who go the long haul are:

1. A sense of call from God. This is why we start, and unless God tells us to stop, it is the reason to continue.

2. A vital relationship with Jesus. This brings strength, wisdom, and perspective.

3. Expect problems. Ministry is full of them (it’s where all those miracles in the Bible come from). Leaders who assume that an anointed ministry is marked by unbroken joy and success will soon quit when problems arise. They will feel like something is wrong with them, or that this is not what they signed up for, or figure God is telling them they are in the wrong place. Actually, it just means they are in a spiritual battle and ministering in a fallen world.

What is it that keeps you going? Why do you do what you do?


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