On Mission

by Rob Campbell


Joel’s post yesterday encouraged the cell church to be on mission.  Ideally, every cell should be on mission.  A cell should commit to being missionaries in the neighborhood, city, and/or world.  Seeing outside of the cell gathering and participating in kingdom work by serving others breathes life into a cell.

Let me suggest a few thoughts concerning the cell church being on mission.

First, start by partnering with a few ministries/missionaries/pastors versus supporting a whole array of individuals around the world.  In other words, “do a few well.”  As God grants you more opportunities, then pray and consider expanding your missions support.

Next, connect with those whom you support heart to heart.  Don’t simply send money.  Begin and nurture a life giving relationship.

Third, go visit your ministry partners around the world at least once a year.  If you personally can’t go, then make sure a person from your church family journeys to the particular site.  Such trips will prove to be encouraging to your ministry partners around the world.  Further, you will see their ministry site, the circumstances of their geographical area, and more.  In essence, you will be able to appreciate their ministries in a deeper way.

Finally, make sure that someone in your church family is praying for your ministry partners around the world every day.  Recently, I was in Thessaloniki, Greece teaching at a church that is one of our ministry partners.  I said, “Please know that at least one person from Cypress Creek Church is praying for you every day.”  The place exploded with applause….shouts….and tears.  They were shocked and very thankful for our prayers.  


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