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joelHave we done enough inviting to our cell groups? Most cell books and articles rightly emphasize friendship evangelism–getting to know people and earning invitationthe right to share the gospel. And this is good and right. But getting to know people can be a long, slow process. And there’s a limit to how many people we can know well. What about those we don’t know (or don’t know well) but who still need an  invitation?

Eric Glover, the new lead pastor at Wellspring, has set a great example in his own LIFE group in the area of inviting. A half dozen people from his neighborhood have recently come to his Tuesday night LIFE group because of his simple invitations. He made fliers and passed those fliers out in his neighborhood. His LIFE group is now overflowing. And he’s challenging each of us to make similar fliers and go out into our own neighborhoods. Eric has developed the lesson questions from my book LIVE that are geared toward non-Christians.

I’m personally planning on starting a new neighborhood group in the next couple months. We’ll start by “inviting” the neighbors we know best, but I’m encouraged to go beyond those who we know. I’d like to INVITE those who we don’t know and then continue to “farm” our neighborhood for future fruit.

Jesus said, ALL AUTHORITY is given me in heaven and earth. After telling us this is Matthew 28:18, he says “now you make disciples.” Yes, He does ask us to go and make disciples.

What’s been your experience in inviting people to your group? Difficult? Fruitful?

Joel Comiskey

3 thoughts on “Inviting People to Your Cell Group

  • SO true, Joel. I wonder how many of us could be “accused” of being friends ie, in relationship with, publicans and sinners? Last week I had an amazingly holy moment. I was with some homeless, drunk men on the streets who my daughter befirends on a regular basis. She asked if any of them would like prayer. They put down their beer cans and knelt in the street – giving their prayer requests. There was a sense of reverance that is often missin among us as. How many of us would kneel in the street I wonder, Afrerwards they thanked us – and one of them, dirty and smelling. This may sound crazy – but it was a holy time – I knew we were where Jesus was, where He would have walked and where He still does walk. I knew that in these men was the face of Jesus. We go to these men regularly networking in our family to reach them. I came away knowing that I had recevied a gift that money could not buy – time spent in His presence!

  • Awesome comment, Daphne. You inspire me! I”m inspired to go out and do the same. Hey, I hope to connect with you soon. I’d love to see you in ISRAEL, but alas, it’s probably not our time. But I would love for Jesus to give the green light!

  • This is the most effective way of reaching the community with the Gospel of the kingdom.
    Personally i have been teaching the cell leaders to invite their neighbours to their cell groups.
    Many of the invited end up coming to the main church and giving their lives to Jesus.

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