Invitation Power

by Rob Campbell

Joel’s post yesterday was about “invitation power.”  It is my belief that there is great power in an invite.  “Follow me…”  “Take up your cross daily and follow me…”  “Lay down your nets and follow me…”  Jesus was a great inviter.  Inviting others to experience the power of God is not rocket science.  Consider the following questions.

Would you like for me to give you a ride?  How ’bout you come over about 6 for dinner?  Do you want to go to the movie?  Is there any way I can help you today?  Will you come and walk with me?  Would you like to know God?  Would you hold my hand?  Will you go with me…it’s dark in there?

The questions above are….invitations, aren’t they?  They open the door for one to respond.  One can choose to participate, or not. 

My friends, Bob and Cecilia, while eating at a local cafe invited a waitress to Easter Celebration a few years ago.  Her name was Stefanie.  Long story very, very short.  Today, Stefanie, her husband Josh and family serve as missionaries in Oaxaca, Mexico.  You see, Stefanie received Christ on that Sunday morning.  As the months unfolded, Josh received Christ.  Their passion for Christ grew in an amazing fashion and one day they were commissioned by Cypress Creek Church to spread the gospel to Oaxaca.

That, my friends, is invitation power.  Ask “inviting” questions like those mentioned above.  You may not consider yourself a “soul winner,” but anyone can be a great inviter.





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