Hurricane Ike and My Evacuee

coaches-rob1.jpgby Rob Campbell

I have had the privilege of serving the people who suffered catostrophic losses in Hurricanes Katrina and Rita.  As a matter of fact, helping a few families through the devastation of Katrina was one of the most rewarding experiences of my time in ministry.

Today, I picked up a Hurricane Ike evacuee.  She happens to be my 19 year old daughter who is a student athlete at Lamar University in Beaumont, Texas.  Her university has no electricity and there’s no telling when “school as normal” will return.

All this to say– I have nothing to offer you concerning cell church/group this posting.  My apologies!

However, might I offer you a ministry principle that was taught to me years ago?  Here it is.  There is no church/ministry in the universe worth losing your family over.

Ladies and Gents– take care of your family– first!

I wouldn’t trade the five hour “catch up time” (our drive time home) with my 19 year old for anything…including a “wow” or “insightful” blog post concerning cell church!

Please understand.  I don’t have the “father” and “family” thing figured out.  I have many flaws as a father and husband.  Yet, my mentors are relentless in my life.  “It’s your relationship with God– first.  Next, it’s your family.  A distance third is your church/ministry.”

Today’s journey to pick up my precious evacuee was a vivid reminder of what’s important.


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