Two Stadiums

Untitled Document marioIn November 1998, the church launched itself to use two stadiums simultaneously. The combined capacity of the two stadiums reached over 90,000 multitudespeople.

The program at both stadiums started at the same time. But in one of them, the program had been designed to extend long enough to give me time to finish the preaching in the first stadium, and to allow me to move right after to the second one just in time for the sermon.

Since the press stated that it was not possible that the church could fill the stadium twice, we took a bold decision: to use a helicopter that could take me from one stadium to the other. There isn’t really much of a distance between the two stadiums. But the idea was to make a continuous video shooting taken from the first completely full stadium to the second one equally full.

Once I had finished the first preaching the helicopter descended to the ground. A camera was following me. We got on the helicopter. Once in the air the pilot over flew the stadium to make it clear that it was full. The camera kept on recording without stopping when departing to the second stadium. In the helicopter I was interviewed, it lasted three minutes. Time enough by air to arrive to the second stadium.

The pilot over flew the second stadium, I felt deeply impressed to see this other stadium completely full. Then we descended and I stepped onto the platform for the second preaching.
After that Sunday the press never again doubted that Elim was a large church, indeed.

Mario Vega

Translation in Spanish

Dos estadios.
En noviembre de 1998 la iglesia se lanzó a usar dos estadios de manera simultánea. La capacidad sumada de los dos estadios llegaba a las 90,000 personas.
El programa en ambos estadios comenzó a la misma hora. Pero, en uno de ellos, el programa se haba diseñado de manera que fuera prolongándose lo suficiente como para que me diera tiempo de terminar la predicación en el primer estadio para luego trasladarme al segundo justo a tiempo para el sermón.
Dado que la prensa expresaba que no era posible que la iglesia pudiese llenar dos veces un mismo estadio tomamos una decisión audaz: utilizar un helicóptero que me pudiera trasladar de un estadio al otro. En realidad no hay mucha distancia entre los dos estadios. Pero, la idea era poder hacer una toma continua de video partiendo del primer estadio totalmente lleno hasta llegar al segundo igualmente lleno.
Al terminar la primera predicación el helicóptero descendió. Una cámara me segua. Subimos al helicóptero. Ya en el aire el piloto sobrevoló el estadio de manera que quedara claro lo lleno que estaba. Al momento de partir hacia el segundo estadio la cámara siguió grabando sin detenerse. Dentro del helicóptero me hicieron una entrevista que duró tres minutos. Justo el tiempo para llegar por aire al segundo estadio.
El piloto sobrevoló el segundo estadio y me sent hondamente impresionado al ver este otro estadio completamente lleno. Luego descendimos y pasé a la plataforma para la segunda predicación.
Después de ese domingo nunca más la prensa dudó que Elim era una iglesia, en verdad, numerosa.

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  • I appreciate Pastor Vega’s focus in making the glory of God seen to the world in all that he undertakes. Mario’s posture never comes from human pride, but the exaltation of Jesus. While the actions undertaken could be viewed by western cultures as showy or spectacular, this is not the case for ELIM – they are giving the honor to Jesus for what HE has accomplished in and through cells, while demonstrating to the world that the claims are not overstated. Pastor Mario, I love your heart and leadership.

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