Walking the Fields

Jeff TunnellMy father was a midwestern farmer.  I recall seeing him walk through the fields to inspect the growing crops.  As he walked between the rows, he would wave his hands along just above the heads of wheat in the same way he would rustle my little head of hair as an expression of love.  I believe he loved his harvest and cared for it closely.wheat.jpg

Translation?  Point?  I need to be walking among those God has put in my care, watching for their maturity, rubbing elbows, tousling heads, expressing love and care.  Sharing one another’s burdens fulfills the law of Christ.  Confirming their growth along a training track and encouraging discipleship that reflects Jesus to the world, the cell church pastor cannot become isolated from the lives of those making up the field entrusted to him.  Jesus deomonstrates this principle of discipleship; it is recorded in the Bible and in our own lives.  He walks with us, while calling us to abide in Him and draw life that leads to maturity.

How do you sense Jesus tousling your hair in love?  How do you proactively spend time with your people?

Jeff Tunnell

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