Conference or Catapult?

Jeff TunnellBy Jeff Tunnell

The new cell is only two weeks old today and already in the hands of two other members!  While the forming continueCatapult.bmps at home, Pastor Dan Atwood (Faith Community Church, Tacoma, Washington) and I are in Baton Rouge, Louisianna for the Shake the Nations conference with Dr. Cho, Mario Vega & Larry Stockstill.  We hope to be catapulted into the next season of cell church expansion in our respective cities.  Or, we could just go to another conference. You understand, don’t you?

How often do we register for a conference just to get away for a few days, letting someone else do the work while we relax a bit?  Hmm…, should I pick up another 3-ring binder with the magic formula for this year’s attempts to expand my work, returning home to launch the latest attempt to grow the church?  Fortunately, No!  These leaders in the cell church movement will challenge us to fast, pray, dream, evangelize and build groups that multiply.  They will restate and reinforce the principles that have underwritten growth of the largest churches in the world. And they will do it with humility, sincerity and a desire to help us grasp a transforming kairos moment.  Maybe I am just excited to be here, but chosing a conference or cell church to visit each year has become a regular event since coaching with Joel Comiskey who formed this pattern in me.

The next event for me will be a smaller, intimate environment. Attending the one-day conferences offered by Joel Comiskey Group in February 2009 and sitting across the table from Joel Comiskey, Mario Vega, Rob Campbell and Steve Cordle.  Visit our home page at to find more information and register. See you there!

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  • Hey, Jeff, I wish I could be with you! Greet Dan and Mario. I’d love for you to say hello to Larry Stockstill (if you can). Most likely, you’ll only see CHO from a distance! If possible, give us a summary here on this blog. . ..

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