Christ’s Presence at Christ Fellowship

coaches_joelTREE.jpgI am truly blessed with the distinct privilege of observing Christ’s church up close. This time I’m flying back from a cell seminar/preaching in Forth Worth, Texas, the home of a church called Christ Fellowship.  Jamie Miller started the church in 1993 in Grapevine, Texas–about 45 minutes from Forth Worth. Picture1.jpg
Jamie began with a cell in his neighborhood that grew and multiplied.

From the beginning, the church not only believed in multiplying cells but planting cell churches. From 1993 to 2002, they planted eight churches!

Yet, they felt their church was too suburban and white (characteristics of Grapevine). So they decided to move the entire church to Forth Worth! About fifty families sold their homes and relocated to the ethnically diverse city of Forth Worth. They relocated near Texas Christian University to have a greater impact on students.

I love the fact that this church of 300 has now planted 12 cell churches. Their school of leaders is actively preparing cell leaders and church planters.

Some seminars are special. This was one of them. “What was it?” I asked myself. “Was it the incredible pre-planning for the seminar?” “The excitement of those present in the seminar?” “The powerful worship?”

Most likely it was because Jesus Christ is truly present at Christ Fellowship.


Joel Comiskey

5 thoughts on “Christ’s Presence at Christ Fellowship

  • Hey Joel………I was there present in Ft. Worth and I can attest sensing the presence of the Holy Spirit in the whole event. The music was wonderful, the people were very excited. The food was great. Everyone was friendly. I traveled 300 miles to be there. The seminar was a great blessing and I could tell the people were really getting in to it by their cheering. Only one problem……wish it woud’ve been longer…2 even 3 days. Look forward to the next one………..Paul Gonzales San Antonio, Texas.

  • Hey, Paul, thanks for confirming what I felt. I believed the seminar was special but it helps to have someone else like yourself second the motion! It was great to see you there, brother and it’s so good to know that you got a lot out of it. let’s do it again!

  • Joel…Thanks again for coming out to Fort Worth. You did a great job. There is still a buzz about your time here with us. The timing was perfect as well. We had a Leadership Retreat about a week after your visit and we’re looking to implement some of the key ideas that you presented to us during the seminar. We give you the highest rating possible! Way to go!

    Jamey Miller – Christ Fellowship – Fort Worth, TX

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