Is The Sky Falling Or Opportunity Knocking?

sky falling female.jpgJeff Tunnellby Jeff Tunnell 

Chicken Little seems to be omnipresent these days! World financial woes, economic depression, wars and rumors of wars, and don’t forget (as if we could), there is an election coming in just 6 days! The media is feeding us information at a rate similar to “drinking from a firehose”. Acorns are bouncing off of our heads faster than we can dodge them! Is the sky really falling?

If you read The Cell Church, by Larry Stockstill, you may recall this from page 14: “Then, on that election night in 1992, the voice I have come to know and trust said, “Two things are coming to America: HARVEST and HOSTILITY. Your church is not prepared for either of them. I will show you something soon that will prepare you for what is coming upon the earth.” The force of the Lord’s words was so overwhelming that I sat fixed in the chair of my study until almost 2 a.m. I realized God was changing something major in my life as the impression continued: “I am going to send a revival to America that will bring millions into the Kingdom. They will not walk, but run to Me.””

These words came at the onset of Presidential change in the United States and initated Pastor Larry’s movement toward successful Cells at Bethany World Prayer Center. For those who have transistioned to cell church, you understand that the structure and its accompanying first-century church principles have prepared us to assimilate harvest and survive hostility. Even though nearly three decades in process, God has renewed the cell church model for such a time as this!

Turn down the volume on the world’s reports right now and give yourself the opportunity to hear what the Spirit is saying to the church in this hour. Sky falling male.jpgWe are not to fear, but embrace the moment. We are structured to receive the people who are afraid and uncertain about the future. We carry the answer to their need in our hearts, families and cell groups. Collect some of the uncertain, reach out with hope in Jesus, welcome them into your cell family to discover a roof over their heads which can protect them from the acorns. “These things I have spoken to you, that in Me you may have peace. In the world you have tribulation, but be of GOOD CHEER, I have overcome the world.” – Jesus!      



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  • This is a great article! The body of Christ is positioned right where God wants us. This is our hour to wake up and be the light in the midst of the dark world. Our cell group attendance has been explosive because people are looking for something genuine, something they can count on. God wants the church to wake up and stop having church,and move outside of the four walls of the church and even outside the four walls of your home. He desires that we become an invading cell church, one that moves into its neighborhoods, into its market places, into its areas that no one wants to go into to. God wants to demonstrate his power through a vessel that is willing to put Him on the spot and begin to operate in the demonstration of Gods glory! This is the time that we must not sound like the world we must let the world know that God is a loving God and he takes care of those that have decided to trust him. I am excited because I have approximately 30 cell groups under me and those ladies have become a threat to the kingdom of darkness, they are moving out into the places where others will not. This will be a great time for all those who cling steadfastly to their Father. God will show himself strong to the church that has taken the limits off and have become and external ministry rather than an internal ministry. Praise the Lord!

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