“Come and Join Us?”

by Rob Campbell


Before reading this post, let me encourage you to read Joel’s most recent post AND the comments.  It will be worth your time and get you thinking about the balance between cell and celebration.  Thanks to those who posted comments!

I trust this quote from Alan Hirsch’s The Forgotten Ways will be helpful/insightful.  I believe it connects well with the discussion that ensued from Joel’s last post.

“Attractional church demands that in order to hear the gospel, people come to us, on our turf, and in our cultural zone.  In effect, they must become one of us if they want to follow Christ.  I can’t emphasize how deeply alienating this is for most non-Christian people who are generally happy to explore Jesus but don’t particularly want to be ‘churched’ in the process.  The biblical mode, on the other hand, is not so much to bring people to church but to take Jesus (and the church) to the people.”

Hirsch continues by writing, “Christology determines missiology, and missiology determines ecclesiology.”




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