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Remember that new cell we started back in September? We are well under way by now and moving into the “storming” segment of discovering our differences.  Personalities, approaches, who’s on time, who’s late, who talks too much, or not enough, along with hiding behind “nice” exteriors to avoid relationship closeness are just a few things that show up during this phase of development. storming 1.jpg

The BIG QUESTION now is, “Will we move through these problems in order to establish sincere love and the fulfillment of the “one another” passages in the New Testament?”

Loving one another is a mark of true discipleship according to Jesus and in turn becomes remarkable in the eyes of the world.  “By this they will know…” Making the decision to love is a first step in which we shape our will by choice and wait for the emotions to follow. Commitment will outlast the problems that arise in relationships. All this by His grace!

How have you succeeded in the “storming” stage while building your cell?

2 thoughts on “Storming

  • You were right on. It starts with unconditional love! We simply have to believe the best about people and affirm them every way possible. If we build one another up with our words and follow through with contact outside the gatherings, we can get through anything. One of the best ways to break through is to hang out and play together! Last week the night before Thanksgiving I simply gathered our cell for dinner/communion and games. Eighteen showed up and througly enjoyed being family and thanking the Lord for all He has done.

    We let our hair down and bowled on my Wii game system for hours, adults and kids. These kinds of activities go a long way in getting people comforatble with one another. When that starts, intimacy goes to another level.

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