A “Ripe” Leader

steveby Steve Cordle

I enjoy fresh fruit – but only when it’s ripe. I love a juicy orange, but I’ll pass on rock-hard pears and green bananas.

New leaders are part of the “fruit” of our cell ministry. But deploying a leader who is not ready (“ripe”) is a recipe for indigestion all around. 

A good equipping track will go a long way in preparing a person for leadership. However, just completing classes does not mean a person is ready to lead a group. What are the indicators that an apprentice is ready to lead a cell? Here are a few indicators:
– spiritually growing, as evidenced by a strong prayer and devotional life

– outreach effectiveness: have they brought someone to the group?

– influence with others in the group; would others look to them for spiritual direction?

– commitment to the church’s vision

– ability to submit to a coach

What are the top indicators for of leadership readiness in your ministry?



1 thought on “A “Ripe” Leader

  • …i suppose this would be in the next step of that process, after it is clear they are ready, but might include the ability to think through a hypotheical launch plan…seeing if the thought of planning overwhelms them or not, or how they react to planning and the detail side of cell leadership, …contacting, organization, etc…, not even as a pre-requisite, but more to know where they might need the most help…

    …thanks for the list …i connected it to http://www.newchurchreport.com to share it with others…thanks!

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