The Extra Mile

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In the process of inviting a new guest to the cell meeting, you must continue with a special gesture towards that person. This may be something simple but of great significance for this person: a visit when he or she is sick, remembering the birth date, an unexpected gift. Sadly, most people never do this.

When you are working to evangelize a person, what you do has much more impact than what you say. An action or gesture can be a decisive factor to introduce the gospel to the person.

When you have made an action with solidarity and love, the person will be so touched by that action that he or she will not refuse an invitation to go to a house where the message of the gospel is shared.

The curiosity that Christian conduct awakes is sufficient to trigger a desire to interact with such a person.

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Translation in Spanish:

Una milla más.

En el proceso de hacer un invitado a la célula, se debe continuar con un gesto especial hacia esa persona. Puede tratarse de algo sencillo pero que será de gran significado para ella.

Una visita cuando se encuentra enferma, recordarse de su fecha de cumpleaños, un regalo inesperado. Es decir, aquello que la generalidad de personas nunca hace.

En el trabajo de evangelizar a una persona tiene mucho más peso lo que hacemos que lo que decimos. Una acción o un gesto puede ser un elemento determinante para presentar el evangelio a una persona.

Cuando se ha hecho una acción solidaria y de amor, la persona quedará tan marcada por ese acto que por ninguna razón rehusará una invitación para ir a una casa donde se comparte el mensaje del evangelio.

La curiosidad que despierta la conducta cristiana es suficiente para desatar un deseo de relacionarse con personas tan serviciales y que hacen lo que nadie más acostumbra hacer.


2 thoughts on “The Extra Mile

  • This is so very true! A mentor of mine once gave me this simple advice: remember people’s birthdays and then send them a card (this is now superseded by emails, texting and cell phone contacts!). He told me that most people receive no acknowledgement of this special day and you will become a hero to them. Remember, your gesture must be sincere, not just mechanical.

    I have found this to be ABSOLUTELY true all around the world. People are touched when we genuinely remember their needs and celebrations. The doors are open to those who “care” for others. Thanks Pastor Mario!

  • I agree with remembring the little things. We all know how important it is to remember a persons name after meeting them the first time. The little things are really the big things in an impersonal world. You guys are right on!

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