by Rob Campbell

This week, one of CCC’s network pastors relayed to me via email a few stories of life change.  I’m talking stories about salvation and redemption.  Nothing like these type of stories to provide wind for our sails, eh?

I’ve realized that each life changing story is hinged to prayer.  This reality encourages me to wrestle through the many hindrances that keep me from praying to a sovereign God.

Let me share a few words from Dom John Chapman (The Tablet, 1985).

“The only way to pray is to pray; and the way to pray well is to pray much.  If one has no time for this, then one must at least pray regularly.  But the less one prays, the worse it goes.  And if circumstances do not permit even regularity, then one must put up with the fact that when one does try to pray, one can’t pray– and our prayer will probably consist of telling this to God.  As to beginning afresh, or where you left off, I don’t think you have any choice.  You simply have to begin wherever you find yourself.  Make any acts you want to make and feel you ought to make, but do not force yourself into feelings of any kind…Yes, I suspect the only thing to do is to shut out….everything else, and just give yourself to God and beg him to have mercy on you, and offer him all your distractions.”

Henri Nouwen comments on Chapman’s words by writing, “It all boils down to his main point:  We must pray not first of all because if feels goods or helps, but because God loves us and wants our attention.”



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