Did You “Click the Link”?

coaches_jeff-150x1501by Jeff Tunnell


Before we go any farther, did you click on the link in Joel’s post for this week?  Look for “cell church principles” in the fourth paragraph, first sentence.  This link takes us to an article that I have returned to many times over the last few years.  The principles listed are always worth review.  Don’t allow yourself to put principles aside and embrace the “latest and greatest” untried but possibly exciting way of doing things in Cell ministry  Don’t fall victum to “I already know that” and miss the truth of proven patterns of ministry.  Work on the principles and the outcomes will take care of themselves!   Thanks Joel, I needed that!

I’ll keep this short so you can spend the moment finding the link and reveiwing the article.

What do you think?  Are the principles listed there still applicable today?

3 thoughts on “Did You “Click the Link”?

  • I love the principles and we have been focusing on them in our transition to become a cell church. In March I have an opportunity to go to India to teach cell principles to some Indian congregations wanting to transition to be cell churches. I will be using these principles to help them understand the basics about cell church. Jeff I really look forward to meeting you on Feb 25th at Myrtle beach.

  • “Did you click on the link in Joel’s post?” Uh, no, didn’t see it. Could you, uh, maybe… include the link in your query? Otherwise, all previous stuff has gone into the cyber bin.

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