Foundational Pillars to Produce Missional Living

by Rob Campbell

First, I apologize for using the word “missional” in this blog post title.  It’s a buzz word these days and I’m tired of hearing it.  With that said, today I was with a group of church leaders and pastors who are interested in church planting around the world.  We were discussing some things and one of the presenters was Omar Reyes who is the Glocal (yep, “Glocal”) Impact Director at Northwood Church, Keller, Texas.

He briefly spoke on four “Foundational Pillars to Produce Missional Living.”  It was a captivating and insightful talk.  I thought I would share some of the content with you.  Here we go.

1.  Be about the gospel of the KINGDOM.  Christ spoke extensively about the kingdom of God.  Compare his “kingdom” talks with the the number of times the word “church” appears in the scriptures.  Next, consider that the kingdom of God is the reign and rule of God at any given time or place. 

2.  While membership is important, be about discipleship.  In simplest terms, discipleship is time spent with another person who desires to grow into the likeness of Christ.  Discipleship tools are plentiful; disciplers are the call of the hour.  In other words, it’s about relationship!

3.  Be mindful of SOCIETY.  Notice the spheres of influence (or domains) that exist in society such as economics, education, arts/media, medicine, etc.  When these domains relate well together, there is harmony.  However, when these domains are in conflict, chaos rules.  Here’s a few questions to ponder:  How can God use you to bless these domains?   How can the grace, love, and mercy of Christ flow through these domains?  How could you assist the mayor of your city in accomplishing something good for the city?  Do you know what the greatest need is at your local public school? 

4.  From these three before mentioned pillars, allow God to raise up his church.

In a nutshell, I could summarize these foundational pillars by saying, “Serve and bless your city and watch God birth your cell (church).”


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