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If you’ve been following my Twitter updates, you’ll know that we as a family just got back from ministry in Germany and Spain (and a first-class vacation sprinkled througout!). Steve Mack, the host of the Berlin seminar, is doing an excellent job leading Berlin International Church–a true light house in a very dark place. Yet, the seminar itself was difficult. Germany is very post-modern and post-Christian, and many of the participants seemed apathetic to cell membership and especially cell leadership. One bright spot was a group from Croatia who were very excited about cell ministry. Roger, the leader of his team was a missionary from Christ Fellowship Church in Texas. At CFC he began as a member of a cell, then became a leader, multiplied his cell five times, and the CFC sent him to Croatia. They had many incredible testimonies to share with the rest of us.

The Spain seminar in March was well attended (75 to 100). Believers in Spain face lots of challenges, so they were refreshed with cell principles that can apply cross-culturally. The seminar was mainly attended by immigrants from Latin America. I believe that God will use the Latino influence to stir growth in Spain.

God was good to give me a bonding time with my family. We as a family are aware that this might be our last major trip together. Sarah will turn 18 this September and has plans to go to BIOLA in the fall. I’m keenly aware that my greatest priority is to do everything possible to assure that my kids are on-fire for Jesus!


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  • I’m sure God used your teaching despite what you sensed. I had a great time in India and can’t wait to share all that God did! The people of India are so hungry for God! I saw great desire and passion. I went where they say, no foreigner has stood, at least in the lifetime of those people. What an honor to be the first! God is working in the Nations!

  • Hey, Iain, great question. BIOLA means BIBLE INSTITUTE OF LOS ANGELES. It’s now a university. It is well-known in the western U.S. , but you’ve reminded me not to assume those down under or in other parts of the world would know about it. It’s actually one of the few Christian universities that require 30 hours of Bible to graduate.

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