Time Out

by Rob Campbell


It’s March Madness time in the States!  Admittedly, I’m less enthused this past week as the University of Texas and Texas A&M were eliminated by Duke and U Conn respectively.  Nonetheless, the Madness continues with thrilling games, crazy fans, and the fine art of calling a “time out” at just the right time.  Again, it’s an art form!

Now, in the context of this JCG blog community, might I call a “time out?”  Here’s why.  One component of Joel’s initial vision in beginning JCG was as follows:  Joel would be sent to various portions of the world to share the gospel of Christ and extend the philosophy of cell church.  Joel’s latest post granted to us a brief summary of his time in Spain and Germany.  Since the conception of JCG, Joel has been used by God in many international arenas. 

Further, yesterday’s post which was an interview with Michael Sove by Joel dealt with Michael’s recent journey to India.  Take time to read the post.  It’s excellent.  Michael and the fellow team members from the church where he serves joined us recently at the “Day with Joel and Mario.”  You see, Michael has gleaned from Joel’s ministry over the years and now is sharing his knowledge and experience in India.

So, my called “time out” today is not about strategy, rest, or changing the momentum of the game.  Instead, my “time out” is simply to say “thank you God” for using men like Joel and Michael to share the gospel of Christ and spread the philosophy of cell church throughout the nations.  We should never take such a privilege for granted.


2 thoughts on “Time Out

  • Rob, Thank you so much for your kind words. What a joy to follow the Lord into the unknown and to experience what we experienced. I’m so blessed to have seen and experienced what I just went through. To think I could have missed it if I played it safe and didn’t leave the comfort zone.

    God has truley allowed me to have the desires of my heart! Years ago He gave me a heart for the nations and now He is taking me to the nations. i wouldn’t trade this life for anything money could buy!

    My prayer is that JCG will greatly expand it’s influence across the nations. Everyone I talk to is hungry for mentoring and encouragement!

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