Craving for Cell Church Books

 joelI’ve had an interesting craving lately. It’s a cell church book craving. I’ve had the desire to go back and skim through some of the foundational cell church books of bygone eras. Why? I’m not really sure. Perhaps, I was stirred last Wednesday after hearing that the G12 conference in Bogota, Colombia last January had 16-18,000 people present. A North American pastor who was present gave me a blow-by-blow account. I was encouraged by the fact that basic cell principles of multiplying disciples through cell multiplication is still a bedrock principle–whether in Bogota, San Salvador, or North America.

With G12 thoughts ringing in my head, I skimmed my own G12 book called Groups of Twelve. Then to chart my own progression in the G12 movement, I reread From Twelve to Three (yes, authors can forget from whence they came. . . ).

Then I devoured a truly revolutionary book called Where Do We Go From Here? Wow. Neighbour started a revolution in 1990 with this book. 1000s of people have been transformed through it, and the principles ring loud and clear today. I then meandered through Neighbour’s latest book Christ’s Basic Bodies to see how his philosophy has changed. Yet, there was another revolutionary author back in the early 90s named Carl George. His two books, Prepare Your Church for the Future and The Coming Church Revolution were catalysmic. While I don’t buy into George’s META MODEL, I was encouraged at how much I agreed with George on his vision to raise up leaders through small groups (which I believe is the essence of cell ministry).

I then skimmed through my books Reap the Harvest and The Church that Multiplies. Two books within two totally different environments. I wrote RTH at the height of my research on growing cell churches primarily in receptive cultures. CTM was written for a more resistant culture, that is, North America.

I wanted to continue my reading reflections but pressing tasks demanded that I stop. I’ll continue to satisfy this craving later. But what about you? What are some of those cell church books that you reread. What are the books that have impacted your life and are worth another glance? Why?

p.s.: if you want to establish a cell church reading plan and would like to know my recommendations, CLICK HERE.



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