When Fear Knocks

by Rob Campbell


At any point in life, we are moving in one of three directions:  Against people in anger; Away for people in fear; With people in love.  In this post, allow me to address FEAR.

Indeed, many people are filled with fear in this day and time.  Pastor/Speaker/Theologian John Claypool (now deceased) once resided at a lodge in England for an overnight stay.   An inscription etched on the fireplace mantle caught his eye.  It read:  “Fear knocked at the door.  Faith answered.  There was no one there.”

The very first injection of fear into the human mind and heart is cited in Genesis 3.   Adam:  “I heard you in the garden, and I was afraid because I was naked; so I hid.”  Notice that hiding and fear go together.  Fear knocked on the door and…fear answered.  Adam and Eve can be found hiding and crouching in the darkness because they thought something concerning God that was not true.  They bought an enormous lie.

May I pitch a thought your way?  I am never more self-centered than when I am filled with fear.  You see, fear seems like an emotion that we should cozy up to.  Fear suggests that we need “to protect ourselves from others.”  In reality, when we are entrenched in fear, we are living in a radical egocentricity.

What fears are close to your heart/mind?  Loss of a job?  Loss of a child?  Loss of a spouse?  In the context of cell life, do you fear bringing loving guidance/correction to a cell member?  Do you fear leading?  Do you fear others in your cell?  Do you fear trusting God with your cell members?  Do you fear not appearing competent as a cell leader/pastor? 

A final thought.  We serve a God of great love, don’t we?  Specifically, he says to us– “My perfect love casts out fear.”  Love unites, fear separates.

When fear knocks, may you be empowered by God’s Spirit to answer in faith!


4 thoughts on “When Fear Knocks

  • Hi. I like your statement that fear causes us “to protect ourselves from others.” That means that the opposite should be the solution: to join ourselves to others, and where better than the safe and loving ‘womb’ of a cell group. I believe that fear is torment that comes from sin that needs repentance. For that the living cell too is the best place.

    Your mail is tremendously encouraging and although this is the first time I’ve responded, I was just stopped in the past by time constraints at the time. 😉 I’ve even got a few others reading your mail and one pastor had a whole mind change on cell groups and became open that God could speak to him regarding his own church. He has subscribed to your mail too, I believe.

    God bless you.


  • Great thoughts Rob. Thanks…….. The thought struck me straight in the heart! “I am never more self-centered than when I am filled with fear.”

  • Thank you Rob for these wise and beautiful thoughts.

    The most ridiculous fear I have, of course, as a traditional church pastor is the fear of appearing foolish.

    This is ridiculous because I appear foolish on a consistent basis and it never seems to bother anyone else as much as it bothers me. I hate the way my pride fuels my fears more than anyone else, and my competitive nature is not far behind my pride in fueling my anxiety. May these be less and Christ be more!

  • wonderful thoughts, Rob. I’ve known fear to be a robber in my own life. I have to constantly remind myself that GOD HAS NOT GIVEN US the spirit of fear, but of love, power, and a sound mind. thanks for this important reminder.

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