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coaches_jeff-150x1501Jeff Tunnell

Dr. Michael Erickson, author of “Recovery Cells, Small Groups for People in Recovery”, has been our Associate Pastor for 17 years.  Starting today (this is NOT an April Fools joke) he has been appointed as Senior Pastor for the Big Bear Foursquare Church!!  This is a very unique multiplication of leadership indeed, as we are an independent church and not affiliated with the denomination.

Some of our blog readers are aware that on March 1, 2009, I initiated a 3-year transition process for the Senior Pastorate of our church, Big Bear Christian Center.  This includes determining who the upcoming “Timothy, Joshua, Elisha” is and preparing him during the 3-year period.  It also opened the door for Pastor Mike to seek a new fruitful field for his ministry expansion.

To have Mike appointed to another “local” church in our area is fantastic!  Now there are TWO cell based churches in our community with a vision for multiplying cells to reach our population with the Good News of Jesus our Savior.

Congratulations Pastor Mike!  Thank you Big Bear Christian Center for supporting a great vision. Thank you Joel, for your confident coaching and friendship.

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  • We will host a “celebration evening” Sunday, May 3rd, at Pine Summit Christian Camp in Big Bear Lake to honor Mike & Trish and bless them with additional offerings of support & love. Gift cards, certificates, $$, words of love are all welcome.

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