Reading for Change

coach-tunnellby Jeff Tunnell

The first time I actually finished reading a large book voluntarily I was 15 years old.  My eyesight was poor and undiagnosed, so headaches would cause me to put reading aside without even knowing this was the cause.  An association of pain with reading was enough to forestall any progress.

My first pair of reading glasses came at age 16.  Shortly after that I became a Christian. My love for God’s word motivated me to become a serious reader. Although my skills were still weak and undeveloped, passion thrust me into reams of information!  Researching the ONE who gave himself for me, there were hours spent between the covers of the Bible; what a gift our Father has given to us.

The strength of “information” is when it supports “transformation”.  Knowledge puffs up when simply accumulated as a possession.  However, when the Holy Spirit breathes on the information, bringing revelation, this can underwrite transformation and breakthrough.

Reading Cell books (more than 40 by now) has directed much change in my life and ministry.  Many changes were made for expedience or necessity to conform to Cell church principles more closely.  The best changes have been the result of information that the Holy Spirit has given the sense of, producing passion for a more fruitful ministry that glorifies Jesus in every way.

When you read, pray for the Holy Spirit’s revelation.  Another statement in response to Rob’s blog yesterday: Readers ARE leaders and Leaders ARE readers.  Thank you Jesus for the Bible and great cell church authors who seek you while writing!

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