Evaluating the Health of a Cell Church (Part Three)

by Rob Campbell


Check out my last two postings concerning the “Evaluating the Health of a Cell Church.”

Here’s Part Three:

How does a Network become a Healthy Cell Incubator?

• Measurements change from numbers and percentages to observation of behavior/activity.
• Leaders are so well cared for that they experience personal growth.
• Cell members are impassioned by their leaders continued growth and constant modeling.
• Collaboration among leaders expands skill and creativity within the leadership.
• Collaboration among cells brings diversity and creativity to the cell experience which stirs life.
• The community is impacted by the overflow of cell members intentionally getting outside of themselves and serving others.


1 thought on “Evaluating the Health of a Cell Church (Part Three)

  • Rob, all three lists you’ve created are excellent. Quantitative and qualitative. The qualitative measurements are very difficult to gauge though. I would imagine each one would have to have a detailed sentence describing various levels within that point with a number attached to them… just so a church could compare numbers year over year.

    Qualitative analysis is a tough thing to do accurately, but it should still be pursued. Jim Egli had a great deal of success with it in his doctoral research surrounding small group health. He’s set up a web based assessment tool that I’ve yet to use with a church, but I’m fascinated to see what it covers and how health is measured….


    Someone should sign up, use it, and report back here as to what the results were!

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