coach-tunnellby Jeff Tunnell (with a little help from some friends)

David Early tells us, “After 25 years of leading cell groups and coaching small group leaders, I have come to one clear conviction: prayer is the most important activity of the small group leader.”

 Joel Comiskey gives us this same end result from his work: “My Ph.D. study of 700 cell leaders in eight countries revealed that one of the chief factors behind fruitful cell groups that multiply was the cell leader’s intercessory prayers for group members. The survey revealed that prayer for group members was the leader’s most important work to unify and strengthen the group in preparation for multiplication. Those small group leaders who prayed daily for group members were twice as likely to multiply their small groups than those who only prayed occasionally.”

 Right now, don’t hesitate, really NOW, stop and simply name the Cell members for whom you are responsible.  If you are a coach or supervisor, name the cell leaders.  Write them down in a simple list.  Look at this list and estimate that you add 1-2 minutes of intercession for each one starting today, just how much time is required of you to begin, or expand, this area of effective leadership in your life?  Wouldn’t this be a valuable exchange of time?  John 15:13 “Greater love has no one than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends.” You are surrendering your life for others when you deny yourself the personal benefits that could have been gained during your prayer time for others!

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  • Thanks. I needed this reminder. God has shown me what my group members need and I shall interceed on their behalf.

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