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coach-tunnellby Jeff Tunnell

How many of you have discovered that relationships developed within the Body of Christ are often deeper and more dependable than those of your natural family members who do not know Jesus as Savior?  I see those hands lifted up out there!

Staying in touch with the members of your Cell nurtures relationship.  Joel has stated often that cells are about what happens BETWEEN cell meetings; drink more coffee!  I love that insight.  Invest time with those God has given you to care for as an under-shepherd.  When modeling Jesus we should include His statement, “My sheep listen to my voice; I know them, and they follow me.” It takes time for your cell members to “know your voice” and this can be accomplished during regular contacts.  Trust is built over time, sheep are a little jumpy around strangers, but relaxed around a familiar voice.

How will you make this happen?  After all, we are very busy people with many things on our “to do” lists.  Is there room to add another activity or function that is not already on the list?  What will have to be taken off to accommodate this ministry and the time necessary to fulfill it?  Can this occur more naturally and without inconvenience?  What are the consequences of not doing this part of cell ministry?

I believe that once you start connecting regularly with those friends God has placed in your life and cell family you’ll become addicted to them and the benefits of friendship in Christ.  Other things will naturally drop out of your schedule that are less important and generally not even be missed.

So, who is on your list of contacts and when will you connect with them? A suggestion; pray for them just before you call on them.  God will give you leadership insights for the time you spend together.

2 thoughts on “Stay in Touch

  • If a Cell is “Upstairs” rather than just a “weekly gathering,” the body members have a deep sense they have been baptized in their relationship to Christ and to each other. Their unity will be such that they live in the spirit of unity at all times. This should cause the cell member to replace a personal daily “quiet time” (a parachurch term!) with a daily “listening room” when the entries into the Throne Room will include intercession for all the fellow body members. It is in these prayer times that often the insights are given for edifying another body member. Perhaps the edification time in the cell itself will become the results of these daily intercessions.

  • Ralph,
    As iron sharpens iron, you have sharpened my countenance as a friend! Thank you, I am honored to have you comment on my blog! I so look forward to the Symposium and being with you, hearing your heart and receiving an impartation from the anointed leadership you have gathered from around the globe.

    Psalm 20:1-5 NIV to you sir!

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