Are You Prepared?

coach-tunnellby Jeff Tunnell

My wife and I just escorted our daughter to a summer mission interview.  She lives in a city one hour from our home and the interview was an hour further from there.  Traversing the southern California freeway system, traffic can present additional delays, so being prepared is a necessity.

Is the car ready, travel timing, fuel, direction, schedule matching, alternate route plans and don’t forget the packet of information needed for the interview.   All of these preparations are important for a successful day.  Oh, remember that all of this may change somewhat for the return trip.

Do we put this same conscious effort into preparing for our weekly cell gathering?  We don’t have to rebuild the car before each trip, but some regular maintenance is required.  When we desire a prosperous day of travel, we PREPARE; it should be the same for a great cell meeting.  Preparing our heart, prayer for members, review of the agenda (lesson/application), room set up, advance planning for the different parts of the meeting (who is conducting each portion) and reviewing the projected timing are some of the areas that need attention BEFORE we start out.

Above all, is MY heart right with the Father?  Am I ready to invite the Holy Spirit to lead this meeting and then follow His lead?  Am I including my apprentice in this preparation?  When we finish, will God receive the glory due to Him? Or will I end up with it being all about me because I failed to prepare?

Be prepared, think ahead & plan; all of this brings confidence.  Then let God have the driver’s wheel, you’ll arrive at the expected destination right on time. (By the way, we did; and my daughter will spend the summer leading worship all across the southeastern islands of Indonesia!)

What things help you to Be Prepared?

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