The Army of God (notes from Dion Robert)

joelAllow me to share with you some things God has been doing this past week. Please read the fourth paragraph about my interview with Dion Robert:

Wednesday through Saturday: A “Cell Church Mission Conference” in Monterrey, Mexico from Wednesday to Saturday with Mario Vega, Ben Wong, and Robert Lay at Noe Salinas Church (2000 members in 250 cells). Powerful time talking to the 550 registered attendees about cells and missions. CCMN is trying to establish a mission sending network among cell churches throughout South America. This is our third congress.

Sunday: Preaching at a cell church in Santiago, Mexico on Sunday. This church is part of Rob Campbell’s network, and Rob asked me to minister there. Powerful time. It felt good to be in a smaller church that has grown to 10 cells and is continuing to reach out and multiply.

Monday until now:  Waco, Texas, hanging out in the room of Jim Lassiter, the translator and co-worker of Dion Robert, founder and pastor of the Baptists Works and Mission church (193,000 people). I had the incredible privilege of interviewing Dion Robert as we drove from the Dallas airport to Waco, Texas (2 hours). First, Dion is an incredible man. He insisted on carrying my bags for me. He would not allow me to sit in the back seat, asking me to sit in the front. He has a very humble demeanor, but very strong convictions. Dion sees his church as an army. His goal is to make disciples–not attendees. He learned how to organize this army by reading Numbers 18, where Jethro told Moses to organize the people into groups of 10s, 100s, and 1000s. “But how did your church grow so large?” I asked him. “Decrentralization,” was one of the answers he gave me. His 193,000 member church is organized around smaller local cell churches throughout the world. They are an army and share vision, cell messages, and ministries. Their main message is based on Luke 4:18-19–setting the captives free.

I have pages of notes, but I’ll stop there. The opening banquet for the cell symposium is in a few minutes.



3 thoughts on “The Army of God (notes from Dion Robert)

  • Thanks Joel. I look forward to you sharing the notes of that interview when you have the chance (whether that is in this forum, something separate of a future book). But don’t keep us waiting too long. The simplicity of his answer, ‘decentralization’ really catches my interest.

  • Here at the Cell Syposium it is indeed a privilege to interract with men like Dion Robert. Joel, I appreciate your capturing the research and passing it along.

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