Prayer First

coach-tunnellby Jeff Tunnell

Antioch Community Church in Waco, Texas, is hosting the Cell Symposium this week! What a wonderful setting for writing today’s blog.  Participating in this historic event is a privilege and fun at the same time. 300 attendees from all parts of the world, discussing the state of the cell church in God’s economy while developing strategies for advancement of the Kingdom of God in the earth; pinch me, am I awake or dreaming?

The key area of focus woven into every message and conversation here at the Symposium is PRAYER FIRST.  Without this posture toward the work to which God has called us, our efforts are mere struggles to accomplish His task with our strength. Now there’s the wrong tool for the right job!

Personal growth is a requirement for all Christians; leaders embrace this responsibility. Rehearsing the axiom that “I cannot lead where I will not go, and I cannot teach what I do not know” is reasonable.

So, how is your prayer life?  In the conversations here, some quick “averages” of prayer, devotions, intercession and the “work” of prayer (as I see it) would come be: more than one hour daily, sincere prayer with others in the cell every week, a corporate meeting once or twice per month, and responses to urgent prayer gatherings for the church interspersed regularly on a frequent “as needed” basis. (These meetings are often being requested by government officials for intervention in civil disturbances!)

Reading books about prayer, talking about it and preaching/teaching about it, is necessary. However, these are no substitute for actually praying! We must pray. Let us determine to grow personally in PRAYER FIRST.

May I invite you to participate in the stream of conversation here this week?  Increase your fellowship with the Father and His family. Devote yourself to prayer. Colossians 4:2

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