Life Transformation Through Experiential Discipleship

by Rob Campbell

Let me add a few thoughts to Joel’s post yesterday on discipleship.  Consider the following question:

What set of experiences will bring about the desired and necessary life transformation?

 Before I comment on the question above, please ponder the quotes below:

 â€œThe world has moved from an ‘industrial economy’ to a ‘service economy’ to an ‘experience economy.’”   Joseph Pine                         

 â€œA continental drift of the soul has taken place whereby spirituality is less creedal, less propositional, more relational, experiential,  and more sensory.”             Albert Borgmann

“But, no matter how acute an experience, one’s memory of it fades over time.  Transformations, on the other hand, guide the individual toward realizing some aspiration and then help to sustain that change over time.”  Joseph Pine 

 As a backdrop to “Life Transformationn through Experiential Discipleship,” check out Exodus 18:13-27.

 Here are some thoughts:

 1.  Experiential Discipleship is the prevailing pattern revealed throughout scripture for life transformation to occur (vv. 17-22).

 ï” Jesus and His Disciples

 Jesus: “….Go and make disciples….Teach theses new disciples to obey all the commands I have given you…”  Matt. 29:19-20

 Paul and Timothy

Paul: “You have heard me teach many things that have been confirmed by many reliable witnesses.   Teach these great truths to trustworthy people who are able to pass them on to others.”  2 Tim. 2:2

2.  Experiential Discipleship is a team sport (18:24-26).  For example, you need not be burdened with discipling every individual in your cell group.  Allow others to participate in life transformation via experiential discipleship.


2 thoughts on “Life Transformation Through Experiential Discipleship

  • I often tell people that evangelism should also be a team thing as well. Christians hunt best in packs (like wolves).

  • Iain, very descriptive. And I think, Rob, that you have a very good handle on the post-modern, NEXT generation. And indications are relationships speak to post-moderns. So my hope is that relationally based cell ministry will appeal in the WEST to the next generations. . . .

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