The Simplicity Factor


by Mario Vega

I appreciate the many comments and interest shown on my blog about our equipping track (training).

I think the main characteristic of our training course is simplicity. When Harold Weitsz (Little Falls Christian Centre) asked me about our training course, I told him that it was simple material compared to his stupendous training course. To my surprise he told me that simplicity is exactly what he considers to be the most important element in a training course, and that he wished his course was simpler.

A few days before the Cell Symposium, Ralph Neighbour also asked me about our training course. Knowing the detail in his own equipping track, I once again answered that our course was very simple. Again, I was surprised when he told me that simplicity is the most important element of an effective training course.

After hearing the opinions of such great men of God, I am tending to think that one of the key virtue of effective training is the ability to reach all people, regardless of their previous level of education.

Right now, our course is only in Spanish, but are looking at the possibility of an English version for those who want it.



Translation into Spanish:

Sencillez: el factor clave.

Agradezco la gran cantidad de comentarios e interés manifestado en mi blog sobre nuestra ruta del lder.

Creo que la principal caracterstica de nuestro curso de entrenamiento es la sencillez. Cuando Harold Weitsz me preguntó sobre nuestro curso me anticipé a decirle que es un material sencillo en relación a su estupendo curso de capacitación. Para mi sorpresa él me respondió que justamente sencillez es lo que él considera es el elemento más importante en un curso de capacitación y que él mismo deseara que su curso fuese más sencillo.

Unos das antes del Simposio Celular, también Ralph Neighbour me preguntó por nuestro curso de entrenamiento. Conociendo su tan detallada Ruta del Lder nuevamente me anticipé a responderle que nuestro curso era muy sencillo. De nuevo, me sorprendió cuando él me dijo que sencillez es el elemento más importante para un curso de entrenamiento.

Con la opinión de tan grandes hombres de Dios me inclino a pensar que la virtud de un curso sencillo es que queda abierto para el alcance de cualquier persona sin importar su grado de escolaridad.

Por ahora, nuestro curso se encuentra en español solamente pero estamos valorando la posibilidad de una versión en Inglés para aquellos que lo deseen.

3 thoughts on “The Simplicity Factor

  • Simplicity is certainly central to any good leadership training process!

    One thing that will be very hard to communicate in your translated leadership training is the level of relationship investment time that San Salvadorians maintain compared to Americans. One thing I absolutely love about the Central and South American countries is the culture of relationship! Within a highly relational cell ministry where pastor and leaders love to spend time with each other between formal gatherings, training is far easier and simple. The less time a pastor or supervisor (coach) spends with leaders and potential leaders, the more complex the training must become, but it does not necessarily increase effectiveness.

    Jesus developed leaders with a lot of time investment being a friend and investing in people and inviting them to invest in him and his ministry. Leader training in any culture or language must have this wired into the DNA of it or it will not produce quality leaders who have had their values shaped by another over the course of time and ministry.

  • Mario,

    I would love to see a version of your equipping track. I am cell church planter in Wisconsin who started with just my family of 4. 18 months into the process and 3 months into the launch we are running right around 28 in regular attendance. Our cells are running right around 20 with people interested in a new cell launch in 1 month.

    We have multiplied cells once now, and again next month.

    I want to launch a training track this fall, and have designed a simple track, but have only written or obtained materials for the beginning stage, would love to see your material in English.

    I followed the plan outlined in Churches that Multiplied by J. Comiskey. (what a blessing that book was…WOW)

    In His Favor,

  • Thanks, Kevin, for your comments. Mario sent me his equipping track in Spanish, and the goal would be to get it translated into English, but that’s more easily said than done. Pray that God may open doors. Your desire for it to happen does help. Now we need a translator, lay-out artist, etc. It can be done, but we just need the doors to open. . .

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