coach-tunnellby Jeff Tunnell

Motorcycles, Boats, Values, Principles, Prayer, Vision, Focus, Patriot Zeal, Mechanical Ministry, Pep Talks, Context, Football, Be alone with God, Ask Him, Transparency, Results, Obedience, Self denial, Solutions, Crop Rotation; these are the lifelines you threw to me after last week’s blog – thank you!

Now that I am safely out of the water, (no longer drowning) my breathing has returned to normal and you have helped me to see that it’s good to be alive!

I often tell others “Principles always work: Principles change us, we do not change them”.  In light of my present conditions I will adopt the following responses;

Not owning a boat or motorcycle, I will find another method to relax and pull back somewhat to gain a new perspective.

I will focus on spending additional time with our Father, alone in His presence, and ask Him for direction and wisdom.

I will sincerely develop relational ministry especially in the area of edifying present cell leaders.

I will not abandon goals or record keeping, but place them in proper perspective and balance their timeframes to more closely reflect reality (instead of the ideals I may have).

I will embrace obedience over convenience in running the race set before me with perseverance.

I will revisit the Values on which cell ministry is founded to strengthen my resolve to live by them.

I will continue to be transparent and openly honest with co-laborers in God’s field.

AND I will be GRATEFUL, for faith, family and friends (like those who read the blog and freely lend their support to fulfill the “one anothers” of scripture).

In all of these, I will lean the full weight of my trust into Jesus and live by His grace (otherwise the “I will”s are futile and possibly fatal).


2 thoughts on “Helped!

  • Thank you, Jeff:

    I think building Kingdom of God is one of desires that was intented for us in the Bible, which can not be built without economy of God(us doing business with each other & helping each other by identifing needs of each other) & without families(watch Programs on couples praying together & Pastor Mark Geigor onn dating, marriage & extended family from last night)

    I think after Truman & Eisenhower this country had 2 fenomenas in progress at the same time:
    -unprecedental church growth & world-wide evangelism at the same time
    -compromises of integrity, competence & deep relationships in the Church & in the Devil’s economy as result.

    First trend must continue with edification fo those of us who want to help themselves continue building it on the positive past & the Word.

    Second trend must be stopped until it’s not too late. My most favorite items to interfear are family values & lack of true nformation on finances, economy & world afairs.

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