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joelby Joel Comiskey

God answers prayer! My 85 year-old dad received Jesus on Monday, July 27, 2009 and died three days later on Thursday, July 30, 2009. Please read my diary entry about what exactly happened and his testimony to others. You can also see a picture of my last restaurant meal with dad less than one week before he died.

I’ve been praying for my dad for 36 years. What hindered dad from receiving Jesus for so long? Was it his Christian Science background? Was it the fact that he was a psychology professor at Long Beach City College for 35 years and believed strongly in humanism? Was it just the blindness of the enemy? I’m sure it was all of the above.

His mother, Martha,  was the first one in our family to come to Christ at the age of seventy-four. God delivered her from Christian Science. She began witnessing to us and praying. My older brother, Jay, was born again, I received Jesus, my little brother, Andy, was converted, and then the youngest, Jeanie, accepted Christ. My mom also became a believer. But my dad held out for all these years, even though Jay, Andy, and myself are in full-time ministry. As a humanist, dad was always my best supporter, but he simply could not believe that Jesus was the way the truth, and the life.

Many have been praying. It was common for me at a conference to ask the audience to pray for my dad’s salvation. Jay, Andy, and I have spent days fasting for his salvation (I’m sure Jeanie has done the same).

I want to declare today that God answers prayer! Granted, He does it in His time, and sometimes at the last moment. George Mueller prayed throughout his lifetime for five friends to know Jesus Christ. The first one came to Christ after five years. Within ten years, two more of them received Christ. Mueller prayed constantly for over twenty-five years, and the fourth man was finally saved. For his fifth friend, he prayed until the time of his death, and this friend, too, came to Christ a few months after Mueller died. For this last friend, Mueller had prayed for almost fifty-two years.

God is faithful. Perhaps you’re praying for the salvation of a mom, dad, child, cousin, spouse, or sibling. Press on. Perhaps you’re praying for revival in your city, country, or church. Press on. Perhaps you’re praying for the multiplication of your cell or neighbors to come to Christ.

I want to encourage you to persist in prayer (Luke 18) because God is listening, and He will answer in His timing.



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  • Hi,

    So pleased to hear your great news. I wished it ended all this way. I have prayed for my family almost every day for my entire family since I became a Christian 29 years ago. Not one has become a Christian and my Father is in Hell and denied Jesus up till his last breath. Jesus was so good to continue to give my dad the opportunity to come to him. No one person in my family will talk to me about Jesus so I am left with the most powerful gift that we have and that is prayer. I will not stop praying for my family while I am still alive. He is worthy to receive their glory.

    Thanks for sharing this wonderful news of your Father salvation and the sadness of his death.



  • Thank you for a great testimony that offers so much encouragement. My father passed day after Christmas 2001. Three days before, he received Jesus Christ as my pastor and I prayed.

    Although I am the only one in my family who is saved, I am encouraged. I continue to pray for my children, my mother, and all my brothers. Out of my entire family, I am the only one who is saved. I am the fool. I am the weird one. I am the unstable fanatic who should be locked up.

    I am the outcast because of my beliefs. I take advantage of every opportunity and plant seeds whenever I can. I will continue to pray and not waver. I believe like you that God always answers prayers. I believe the prayers are answered instantly as we see in Daniel, but something hinders them.

    Thanks again for your testimony and praise God that your father came to know Him.

  • Joel,

    Praise God for the testimony of your dad! I also experienced the joy of leading my dad to accepting Jesus Christ 7 years before he passed. And inspite of mom’s consistent ridicule and harrasmrent, dad got connected with a church and attended alone.

    Mom is a ‘non-practicing’ Catholic who, prior to dementa and now alzheimers, dabbled in superstitions. Sad to say, in her old age, she has lost her ability to control her anger. I like to trust that there is always hope and continue to pray for her salvation. The testimony you share about your dad serves as encouragement.

    May God continue to bless you real good.

    Sharing the Journey,
    Rick Diefenderfer

  • Thanks Rick and Ray for the encouragement. We’ll continue to pray for your mom’s salvation. Timothy, thanks for your honest sharing. The one thing I do not like is false salvation testimonies (e.g., he or she is probably in heaven, etc.). And the bottom line is that many, many do go to hell and our fervent prayers don’t always work out the way we want.

    In fact, another side of my story was subconscious preparation of my dad going to hell and how I was going to prepare the kids. They had just got back from a Panama mission trip in which one of their team members, Austin, was deaf. Teen Mania staff encouraged our group to pray for Austin’s healing and the team did so continually. No healing. One of my daughters was shaken because she really believed it would happen (this is like two weeks ago and my dad was continuing his resistance). Thus, I was ready for my dad to resist right up to the grave. IN THIS CASE, the outcome was different. Why not in all cases? I really don’t know. Keep praying for the others, Tim. Love ya. Joel

  • One other thing about my dad’s situation. I had prayed for my dad to receive Jesus in 1995. At that time he had a urinary infection, couldn’t go to the bathroom, was in total pain, and I thought he was going to die. I had him pray a prayer after me (quickie sinner’s prayer). When everything cleared up and he felt better, I asked him what he thought about Jesus and the prayer he prayed. He said, “I don’t believe that stuff.” At times we’ve been so zealous for my dad’s salvation that people have told me “back off and let the Holy Spirit work” (three months ago I was told this).

    This background helps explain MY OWN SURPRISE by how God arranged the circumstances, supernaturally prepared my dad and me, and truly saved him apart from Joel Comiskey’s over-zealousness. Just some more thoughts. . .

  • Joel, David and I rejoice to hear this great, great news! We had placed your Dad’s name in our prayer journal and it is so encouraging to hear this great testimony!

  • What a wonderful report! I’m so glad to hear of your father’s salvation. I remember him at LBCC. Your mother was always such a blessing! I have an uncle who doesn’t want anything to do with Christianity. I will continue to pray for my uncle Wayne’s salvation. God knows how to work in their lives by His Holy Spirit. Your testimony has been an encouragement to believe for Wayne’s salvation, too. God bless you! Beverly Norberg

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