Leaders that Generate New Leaders


by Mario Vega

The key to multiplying cells is multiplying leaders. To generate new leaders we must count on the important work of the current ones. While the fundamental job of cell members is the evangelization of other people, the key job of cell leaders is to identify potential new leaders.

The cell member sees the cell as an ideal place to evangelize the guests; the leader sees the cell as the ideal place to find a new cell leader candidate. All this will not happen by chance. For a leader to find other potential leaders he must make the decision to become the trainer of a new leader.

Potential leaders will not appear by themselves. They must be discovered, encouraged, directed and trained to become new leaders. I mean, it takes work to train new leaders. That work will be completed only when the leader makes the decision to become a generator of leaders. The first barrier to overcome is the inner one. I’m referring to the natural resistance of doing nothing and hoping that things will happen by themselves.

What do you do to encourage your current leaders to become generators of new leaders?


Translation in Spanish

Lderes que generan nuevos lderes.

La clave para multiplicar células es multiplicar lderes. Para generar nuevos lderes se debe contar con el importante trabajo de los lderes actuales. Mientras que el trabajo fundamental de los miembros de una célula es la evangelización de otras personas, el trabajo del lder es identificar a potenciales nuevos lderes.

El miembro ve la célula como el lugar ideal para evangelizar a los invitados, el lder ve la célula como el lugar ideal para encontrar un nuevo candidato para lder. Todo esto no ocurrirá por casualidad. Para que un lder pueda encontrar a otros lderes potenciales debe tomar la decisión de convertirse en un formador de nuevos lderes.

Los candidatos a lderes no aparecerán por s solos. Deben ser descubiertos, motivados, dirigidos y capacitados para que se conviertan en nuevos lderes. Es decir, se necesita trabajar para formar nuevos lderes. Ese trabajo solamente se completará cuando el lder tome la decisión de ser un generador de lderes. La primera barrera que hay vencer es la interna. La de la resistencia natural a no hacer nada y esperar que las cosas ocurran por s mismas.

¿Qué hace usted para animar a sus actuales lderes para que se conviertan en generadores de nuevos lderes?


3 thoughts on “Leaders that Generate New Leaders

  • I know that there has been a lot of negative press about the Vision of G-12, but I must say our church as been doing it and Our man of gods vison is the build a church that builds disciples that influence California and the World. He believes that every Christians destiny is leadership. Leaders are developed through the process. I personally have 44 cell groups underneath me and once you understand the vision it becomes a part of your life and the Holy Spirit begins to show you how to train everyone to be potential leaders. Not all of the people that i mentor have stepped into it but most of them have the desire and continue to come to my cell groups in order to receive the impartation. Over the years I watch my women form into great leader as they run with the vision. So just like everything that my pastor does pushes us toward leadership within the church–this is his call and he raises up pastors, evangelist, and so much more because he believes every ones destiny is leadership. It has been a great journey and now we not only mentor cell groups. We have become leaders in going into different churches implementing the vision……God bless

  • Timely, strategic observations, Mario. Thanks.

    According to Ephesians 4:11, the Lord Himself “gives to his church” five kinds of workers. Such men and women sense within themselves a kind of joy related to their function within the body. However, many, maybe most, will not assume leadership roles without the kind of affirmation that your described.

    Fascinatingly, many such “gifted folk” will be most eager to take action while still new believers. If we succeed in suppressing them long enough, they will begin to doubt their ability, will relax, and will prove hard to motivate, later on. Thus, it is important to recognize them early on and to coach them on the job, even before they know very much abstract doctrine, while they still have many unsaved friends and family.

    Watch for signs like these. Budding apostles want to see new cells start amongst their contacts; beginner prophets seek to speak to others the little truth they know; starting evangelists want everyone they know to meet Jesus; incipient shepherds seek to include others in an active cell life; and emerging teachers are always thinking up fresh ways for others to obey Jesus.

    You are on the right track!

  • I also want to add my AMEN, Mario, to an excellent blog. Cells are leader breeders, and Mario reminds us of this fact. It’s exciting also, Charlene, to hear about what Jesus is doing through you and your church.

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