Selecting a New Leader


by Mario Vega

The leader plays a fundamental role in creating a new leader. The leader’s work should focus on training another person who at the same time becomes a new cell leader.

The first step is to select a person as a candidate. This person must comply with certain conditions: maturity, spirituality, desire to serve the Savior. And of course, each church will also have specific conditions for a new leader.

But what if the leader doesn’t find a person in his cell that complies with these conditions? Well, he should take that person who comes nearer to that ideal and begin to mentor him so that he can reach the requirements he is lacking at the current time.

Even if there is no one in the cell that fulfills the basic requirements, the leader must not give up. On the contrary, he must take one of his cell attendees and begin to work to make him or her a suitable person for leadership. Every leader must be able to mention the name of a person who he is mentoring for leadership. Leaders must be raised up. As Paul says, the leader must experience birth pangs until he sees Christ formed in each Christian (Galatians 4:19).



Version in Spanish:

Seleccionando a un nuevo lder.

El lder juega un papel fundamental en la generación de un nuevo lder. El trabajo del lder se debe enfocar en formar a otra persona para que, a su vez, se convierta en un nuevo lder de célula.

El primer paso para ello es el de seleccionar a una persona como candidata. Ésta persona debe poseer las condiciones de madurez, espiritualidad, deseos de servir a su salvador. Además aquellas otras condiciones que cada iglesia establece como elementos básicos.

¿Pero qué sucede si el lder no encuentra una persona en su célula que cumpla con esas condiciones? Pues debe tomar a aquella persona que se acerca más a ese ideal y comenzar a mentorearlo para que alcance los requisitos que al momento actual le falten.

Si sucediera que nadie en la célula alcanza ni uno sólo de los requisitos, entonces el lder no debe darse por vencido. Por el contrario, debe tomar a uno de los asistentes a su célula y comenzar a trabajar para hacer de él una persona adecuada para el liderazgo. Todo lder debe ser capaz de mencionar el nombre de una persona a quien está mentoreando para llevarle al liderezgo.

Los lderes deben ser engendrados. Como Pablo, el lder debe experimentar dolores de parto hasta ver a Cristo formado en cada cristiano.

3 thoughts on “Selecting a New Leader

  • “Maturity, spirituality, desire to serve”. Yes!

    An exception to that standard will be the occasional, immature, newly-saved, even pre-saved, individual who may prove less interested in serving than in seeing his household or friends saved.

    Anyone who is able to get others to come together around Jesus, to learn from the Bible and to experiment with prayer in Jesus’ name, deserves some of our coaching time.

    Thus, some cells may start that defy our congregational standards, that even continue in substance abuse while talking about Jesus, that use biblical vocabulary in unwholesome ways, till they get thoroughly saved.

    Typically, rustic new leaders will quickly develop in character or will soon step aside as another “shepherd” emerges.

  • Servanthood is an awesome quality in the next leader to be developed. I believe everyone that has Gods image, has a spirit of leadership. It may be dormant and covered up by lifes challenges and problems, but I truly believe that its there crying awaiting to emerge. A good leader see’s through the dross to that diamond that is within. I believe just like with Mary and Elizabeth the babe leaped in her womb, but once you really tap into Gods ability and submit to him as the leader that he has called you to be, that peoples abilities start leaping in their womb and they start wanting to step into their destiny more. In the cell group, I start noticing the person that has a heart to serve, they are not trying to be out front but they are awesome support personel always asking how they can help, cleaning, just doing anything that they can to assist and make things easier for the leader and the members. Just like Jesus they make themselves of no reputation and they are very humble because they recognize the way up in God is down–and they love serving.

  • This is huge! Matthew 4:19–“Come follow me,” Jesus said, “and I WILL MAKE you…” I came to Christ when I was five, have been in church all my life, and graduated from Bible college. But even though I begged pastors to take me as Jesus took His disciples, it did not happen (so few pastors have a method for making disciples). I recently concluded that I just have to dig in and study how Jesus did it with His disciples and do it with a young believer what I have desired to be done with me. And to repeat.

    Then a friend at a church 70 miles away recommended Thom Rainer & Eric Geiger’s book “Simple Church” to me, and now I found your website. I so appreciate both of these. And seeing how much I can learn from the blogs is so encouraging. Learning how Joel Comiskey started without knowledge, yet learning and living out every way he could, gives me great hope. I am so looking forward to getting some of your resources as I can afford.

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