More Thoughts on Relational Discipleship

robby Rob Campbell

If you haven’t read Joel’s blog from yesterday, then please do. Further, check out the comments from others. They are good and insightful.

Joel asks two questions.

1. Is it possible to be a cell leader and at the same time a relational dud? (relationally dysfunctional).

2. How do we assure that future cell leaders (disciple-makers) are relationally well-adjusted and growing in the one-anothers?

I tempted not to touch question #1 with a ten foot pole, but let me provide one thought. One has to be attractive in order to attract others to Christ. I’m not talking “physical attraction,” but the joy, life, hope of Jesus needs to be apparent. I propose the following question that links with this thought: If you could give away your Christianity to a not-yet believer for a 24 hour period, would he/she keep it or give it back to you?

Let me move to question #2. Two thoughts come to mind. First, relational/spiritual growth is plausible when we embrace a heart of brokenness meshed with humility. We simply cannot grow deeper with God and closer to others without this heart attitude. Next, Proverbs 27:17 seems to grant us an answer that is worth investigating. Check it out!

Finally, if you are jazzed by Joel’s inquiries, then please consider reading Emotionally Healthy Spirituality and the Emotionally Healthy Church by Peter Scazzero.



3 thoughts on “More Thoughts on Relational Discipleship

  • I praise God, for he does not wait until I myself prove socially mature, to honor my faith and obedience.

    Our cell leaders seem to grow faster by responding to coaching while serving a little flock from love for Jesus.

    Thus neither I nor they focus on oneself and one’s personal growth needs, but on the needs and opportunities of the cell member’s.

  • “If you could give away your Christianity to a not-yet believer for a 24 hour period, would he/she keep it or give it back to you?” WOW!!!!! What a statement! This statement causes me to look at the man in the mirror continuously. One statement I will never forget is that if you change, then everything else will change around you. It seems as though as we lead cell groups and deal with all of the opportunities for growth that maturity begins to happen as you complete your assignment to best of your ability. I know we are not perfect but we are being perfected as we put our hands to the plough and dont look back. Ephesians 4:12 says “for the perfecting of the saints for the work of the ministry for the edifying of the body of Christ” God will continue to pull that which he has planted on the inside of us out so that Christs character can be formed in us. Besides, that is what it is all about anyway. If i have his character, which i received when i received the holy spirit, then I have the fruit of the spirit inside of me, now I just must cultivate that fruit by allowing the refining work of the holy spirit to do that deep work in me so that what he does on the inside will manifest on the outside. That is when we will be able to love the unlovable, reach the unreachable, touch the untouchable.Definitely a position of brokeness and yeildedness.

  • I was thinking about being ‘attractive in order to attract others to Christ. Hmm. I am being re-directed to that concept. My wife (the Evangelist) keeps telling me that I am the Aroma of Christ. She asks me how I am smelling…
    I better let the Jesus inside me get out! Thank you Holy Spirit that I am the aroma of Christ. I thank you that you make my life attractive to others, by your influence (it’s not me!), changing me from the inside out. And I thank you Lord that others may be directed to Jesus Christ by seeing something from you inside me, that makes my life attractive. Help me to hold fast to that!
    Thanks Rob for your thoughts, as you can see I am a little behind on my reading! Take Care. I love yuz all at JCG…

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