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coach-tunnell    Jeff Tunnell

“As long as the worship team perfoms, the pastor preaches a relevant message, and the administration flows without a hitch, everyone feels satisfied.  As you examine these churches, however, you’ll notice a fatal flaw: the lack of transformed lives. There is no power. Even God seems scheduled on the church calendar.

The first and foremost solution to the transformation of the church in North America is prayer – a humble, radical crying out to God for help.  Commitment to prayer obliterates pride and forces us to rely solely on God Himself.  It teaches us to depend on Him before looking at strategies – even cell ministry.  The time has come to go beyond past remedies and fixes.  We need a major overhaul, a total solution.”

The preceding comments are straight from Joel’s book, “Cell Church Solutions; transforming the Church in America”, pages 100-101, and the chapter titled “Back to the Basics”.   This book has been updated and re-titled to “The Church that Multiplies: Growing a Healthy Cell Church in North America”.

I realize our blog readers are not limited to North America, thank you for your patience with me today.  I have blogged along these lines recently, but still would like more interraction on how your cell church is handling this BASIC value and practice.  Is it working, is it frustrating, is it satisfying? Inspire the rest of us with your story.

2 thoughts on “Back to the Basics

  • Awesome article Jeff,
    This is such a cry in my spirit as well. We will never win the world with programs, concerts, and gimmicks. We must trust God to move in the supernatural in our midst. The pulpits are to small for what God is calling us to do. For to long the church has been a spectator sport, but in these times that we are living in we must move outside of these four walls and begin to represent Jesus down here on earth. Jesus had people following him because he was manifesting Gods presense down here on earth. The world is crying for us to come out of our comfort zone and begin to be dispensers of His miracles. I have noticed sometimes cell groups become cliques if you are not careful. A lot of the people are selfish and they prevent the move of God in their llives. Death to self is crucial that Lord has shown us! I was at work one night, in a Labor and Delivery unit and Im walking around praying a few years ago and i was pondering the thought Lord, use me to raise the dead. We had just had a mother come in that was losing her baby(fetal demise) so she was going to have to deliver the dead baby anyway. I was so grieved in my spirit because I said Lord If you tell me, I will go in there and lay hands on her and the baby will live. The spirit of God spoke to me and said “If I told you to go in there you would be so concerned about your position at the hospital and your co workers and what they would think that you would not obey my command to Go” At that time I also recognized that God could not use me in that way because it was too much of me in the way. Me being concerned of what if it doesnt happen? What will my employees think? All of these thoughts began to flood my consciousness. Smith Wigglesworth said it best–there is no room for two lives in one body the price is death for life.” After that experience I really began to seek God to help me too have a Garden of Gesemethe experience and a year later i had an opportunity to lay hands on a tumor and watch it dissipate, so I am a work in progress, but I am striving to be all that God has called me to be and to train as many disciple as i can. Thank you for the post. It really brings us back to the basic ministry of Jesus–Miracles signs and wonders causes true followers, not programs! Our cells would grow by hundreds if we had this type of manifestation happening in our homes. We thank Him for programs because most are designed to win souls, but God wants more!

  • Charlene,

    His Glory, signs, wonders, and miracles has been my recent study pursuit. John 2:11, 17:22-23 have become a focus: His glory was seen in “signs” and then He prayed for us to have this glory on earth to continue His works. John 14:12-14 stands out right now also.

    May His grace continue to lead you and His Spirit empower you for service!

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