Values-driven Leadership


by Steve Cordle (substituting for Joel Comiskey who hasn’t been feeling well)

I remember once as a young boy, standing at the top of our driveway on a fall day with a broom in my hands and gloom in my heart. My parents had asked me to sweep the driveway, which was covered with leaves from our oak tree. To me, the driveway appeared 2 miles long, and it seemed like I would be prisoner to that job for at least 3 days.

Last night I not only swept my driveway, but also our sidewalks. I also cut the grass. No one asked me to do it, and I did not mind doing it. What’s the difference? Motivation.

As a child, I did not care in the least what the driveway looked like. But now as an adult, it’s my driveway and yard, and I value seeing it look decent. Values drive actions. We do what we think is important.

We do what we value, which is why two churches can have the same cell training but see very different results.

We can teach people how to lead groups which multiply, but unless they personally value evangelism, discipleship and community, our instruction and coaching will seem like nagging.

The secret to cell ministry is not in finding the perfect Equipping Track or group material. It is instilling New Testament values of relational evangelism, discipleship, prayer and community. That’s our job as leaders: teach, model, and fan the flame of the values.

How do you assure that these values get driven deep into the fabric of your church?


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