Love and Lost


by Rob Campbell

No one tells a story like Jesus. The designation of “master storyteller” falls short of his creativity, expertise, and connectivity. Frequently in the gospels, Jesus speaks of the fine art of shepherding. This was an intricate part of his environment for he was continually around sheep and shepherds. Sheep were dependent on a shepherd to find pasture for them. The task of shepherding entailed finding water, shelter, medication; lending aid in the birthing process; and providing for wounded and weary sheep. Further, Jesus understood the Jewish mind which believed Israel was the flock of God. God was their shepherd and Israel was his flock. In Luke 15:1-7, Jesus tells a story couched in this timeless relationship. Before I progress, do you remember who is surrounding Jesus when he shares this story? Yes, the tax collectors and “sinners” were huddled around him. This infuriated the Pharisees and teachers of the law and they began casting judgment against Jesus for his association with such a desperate lot.

Jesus states, “Suppose one of you has a hundred sheep and loses one of them. Does he not leave the ninety-nine in the open country and go after the lost sheep until he finds it?” Notice the condition of a certain member of this flock. This lamb was “lost.” Maybe this lamb had moved from one tuft of grass to another and spontaneously worked her little body through a hole in the rock fence. As the shepherd began counting his sheep, he discovered the reality of his flock– one was lost.

He would immediately survey the fence striving to find that little hole that enticed the lamb to wander from the flock. The shepherd would “go after” this lost lamb and would not rest “until he finds” her. Jesus adds more punch to this story as he proclaims, “And when he finds it, he joyfully puts it on his shoulders and goes home.” Allow your mind to embrace this picture. The shepherd finds this little lamb. A broad smile fills his unshaven face. He stoops to pick up this little lamb and notices she is injured. The burly shepherd anoints the cuts and bruises with the gentleness of a mother. Slowly, the lamb is hoisted upon the shepherd’s shoulders and he relaxes on the strong muscles of the shepherd’s back.

This story is a beautiful picture of God’s love for you and me. In our wayward tendencies (and in our lostness), God’s searching love (“go after”) meshed with the persistence of his grace (“until he finds”) is desperately concerned for every single individual especially those outside the safety and protection of the flock. When any one lamb returns home, there is great rejoicing which illustrates God’s response to this recovery mission. God is filled with joy when he finds you!



4 thoughts on “Love and Lost

  • So true. So easy to forget. Good to be reminded. Also, we need to follow Jesus and cultivate the art of storytelling even as we participate in God’s story.

  • I can tell you’ve been keeping company with the Master storyteller because you’re pretty good at it too! Thanks Rob.

  • Thanks, great reminder to me that it is the sheperd who goes and rescues the lost, the other sheep do not. In our ministry we need to remember we can sow, and water but God gives the increase. It is not so much about what we do but what HE does. It appears to me that often that is forgotten in our efforts to win others.
    This is not an excuse to do nothing, but just to realize that if God in not moving the hearts of the people we are reaching out to, we are pretty much wasting our time.
    A reminder to work where God is working not just where I feel comfortable…

  • Awesome article! Very well told and inspiring. All of us have sheep that we must shephard. God indeed is the master shephard but we are his hands,his feet, his eyes and his mouthpeice on this earth sent to finish the work that he started. We were busy about learining about prosperity because we were hurting in that area and God arrested us and said, ”Every time I see a lost soul through the windows of your eyes and you fail to tell them about my Son you reduce me to a window-shopper’. We were floored with that statement and recognized we had become so consumed with the blessings that we forgot about the blessors heart, ‘Souls’. We made the adjustment and not only became soul winners, but we also recognized that we had todisciple the souls that we won! It was an awesome transition in our ministry because if I pray everyday for God to prepare someones heart for me to bring into the kingdom of God, He does it! The challenge is when he brings that person or you run into that person, you must have the courage and boldness to bring that lost sheep into the fold regardless! WE know that no man can come unto Him unless he draws them, but I also know that God has drawn many that we have walked right by because we did not feel it was time to bring them in for whatever reason. Thanks this is such a key to success. We found out that once we sought first the kingdom, that god took care of the stuff that we were so concerned about. Thank God for deliverance!

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