Baptism Process


by Rob Campbell

In light of Joel’s post yesterday, let me add some thoughts to the topic of water baptism. My focus will be on the actual baptism process for a local church. Frankly, my church family has not done well moving people from salvation to water baptism. Thankfully, we see people receive Christ consistently, but seeing them experience water baptism has been difficult. Therefore, I asked our Intergenerational Network Pastor, Michele Gooch, to run lead on a more defined baptism process. I’m happy to report that we baptized twenty people in early September. This is the process that we used in order to see new believers experience water baptism.

Week 1
 Establish baptism date three weeks out. Give date to Pastors, administration assistants and technical crew coordinator.
 Teach on water baptism Sunday morning.
 Each network pastor contacts their cell leaders with the upcoming date and asks them to plan on discussing water baptism in group this week. Water baptism tracts will be available to HEART groups.
 If a pastor already has a list of folks asking for baptism, parcel those names out to leaders and ask them to contact them this week in order to discuss baptism.
 Pastor Rob designates the person who will “emcee” the baptismal experience.

Week 2
 Baptism is briefly explained on Sunday morning and the date is promoted in the Opportunity Folder.
 Ask each leader to follow up on the baptism discussion privately with individuals they know have not been baptized. Invite them to be baptized on the upcoming date.
 Administration assistant contacts setup crew with baptism date. She also creates a simple invite to the baptism.

Week 3
 Baptism video is used on Sunday morning, followed by an announcement about the upcoming baptism next Sunday. This baptism video was created by the tech team and I can make it available to those who are interested. Opportunity Folder includes an insert for folks who want to ask for water baptism.
 Leaders get names of folks to be baptized to Pastors. Pastors forward them to administration assistant for certificates to be made.
 Darby notifies Michele with names of folks from Sunday morning who request baptism. Those names will be given to whichever leader/member most closely connected to them.
 Those being baptized are given a simple written invitation so that he/she may invite family, friends and neighbors.

 Pastors with folks being baptized come ready to baptize or delegate that responsibility and come ready to assist.
 Designated “emcee” pulls the crowd around the water and gets started as soon as possible. People will not stay and join the celebration if we wait too long after Celebration.
 The technical crew is present to get photos or video.



4 thoughts on “Baptism Process

  • Without seeking to step on anybody’s toes, let me suggest some

    * Present it as a command of Jesus and his apostles.
    * Teach its real benefits from Acts 2, Rom 6, 1 Pet 3.
    * Make joining the body an immediate outcome.
    * Keep it private if there is a clear danger.
    * Make it the outward expression of repentance.
    * Make it a festive event at a site to be chosen.

    * Present it as a human tradition
    * Teach it as symbolism or an image of some kind
    * Keep it separate from joining the body.
    * Require it to be a public testimonial.
    * Keep it a mere option to an invisible, inner reality.
    * Require it to be done in a chapel as a religious event.

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