Coaching for Clarification

coach-tunnell    Jeff Tunnell

This morning I sat in Joel Comiskey’s living room for a coaching session with my staff.  We are finding clarification for moving ahead in cell-driven ministry.  In sharing my excitement with others, about re-entering a coaching commitment, it was suggested by some that I know enough to accomplish this coaching myself and probably don’t need to meet with Joel.

HOWEVER, times like these are inestimable in value.  We desire the “give and take” of conversation and accountability in ministry.  Sitting with an “expert” who is objective about our situation provides an unbiased view of how well we are connecting to cell principles.  Another benefit is the coach’s grasp of knowledge we do not yet “own” and his ability to guide us to its application.  Where we are weak, he presses us to grow by reading authors who have tackled the difficulties we are facing.

Returning home (we travel 3 hours to connect) we have projects to work on together that will forge our strength as a team, reading assignments that will bring further discussion and goals to set which will lead to progress in fruitful ministry.

How are you connected in coaching?  Do you have a resource to draw from regularly?  Is this blog site a help to you?  Would you like me to “chronicle” our journey in coaching over the next few months?  Let me know.

4 thoughts on “Coaching for Clarification

  • Please chronicle the journey for us. I’m in the same boat. I’ve been tracking with the cell church world since 1995 and have learned much on the journey. The Sr. Pastor and I have been coached by Joel the last year and 1/2. I have found it helpful to have an impartial coach to help us think things through. Do I know enough to go ahead with out the coach? Probably, but the coaching relationship is invaluable! God is now opening doors for me to coach international pastors. Find a coach, you’ll be glad you did!

  • Good word Michael!

    Richard Crisco once said:
    “Everyone should have a Paul (Coach/Teacher/Father)
    a Barnabas (Encourager/friend)
    and a Timothy (student, disciple) in their lives.”

  • May I also add my sincere compliments to Jeff Tunnell, who is an incredibly humble learner. I was amazed yesterday at how Jeff had prepared the entire team to learn, receive, etc. I was also very impressed with how Jeff is preparing his replacement! Rob Hasting was at the meeting yesterday and Jeff is grooming Rob to replace him in 2.4 years. And Jeff really wants Rob to understand the cell vision and so these next three years of coaching are primarily for Rob. . Thanks, Jeff.

  • Yes please do – I am considering my pastor’s request to become a coach and this would be invaluable for me.

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