coach-tunnell  by Jeff Tunnell

Today is Veteran’s Day in the USA, so HATS OFF to each of you who have given such a large part of your life to the defense of freedom! There are multiple Vets in our family line and while they have much to be proud of, their service has not come without deep personal costs. I say humbly, THANK YOU!

Anticipating the moment of coaching: looking forward to when you will be WITH each other; nervous, excited, cautious, joyous, whatever the emotions, harness them to prepare you for the time!  Coaching is a relatively brief exchange that helps the coached in applying principles learned or learning new principles.  Because it is a ‘short’ time, you should prepare to maximize the time.  Write out some questions, rehearse your victories in applying previously discussed principles and be ready to answer for any assignment for which you are accountable (this assists the coach in monitoring your progress). THEN PRAY.  Give yourself a bit of time ahead of the coaching appointment to get focused.  Settle your heart and spirit.  Take control of your physical environment to guard against interruptions or distractions.

You are about to receive a boost from the Holy Spirit working through your coach, so watch for it, anticipate how you will accept the assistance God is giving you, and have fun!

What is the most recent benefit you have received from coaching?

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